About: Past, Present and lineups

BrainDead Lineup
Ed Corpse555 M. - Lead Guitars / Vocals
Matt Neary - Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals
Ramon Rojas - Drums
Alberto Quinones - Drums

BrainDead was founded
in the summer of '98 in the Bronx by Ed Corpse555 M. Since the beginning, BD has had a strange road and a lot of lineups.

Punk / Thrash (Crossover) Era 1998 - 2001:
At this point in history, the band mainly just felt like writing songs without any specific direction other than just to have fun. Most of this time was spent performing at studio shows and just trying to get out there and seeing what happens next. The main line-up of this era was Ed and Carlos "The Punk". Carlos handled bass and lead vocals, Ed most of the song writing and all guitars. In addition, there were other members who joined for a short time, drummer Kennedy Cruz, Christian Bustamante rhythm guitar & vocals, David Diaz on drums and lastly Jay "Sandman" Sanders on drums. From this wild little era a few things were recorded, "December 2000", "Live Nun-Sense" and "Comic Relief." Good luck finding any copies. At some point during the first half of 2002 Carlos decided that he wanted to move on, so he did. He was the only member holding down the punk sound. The last song recorded and released by these 2 was "1 A.M. Burger", and from this era, the only surviving song was "Our Fighting Brothers" however, at the time it went by a different title and used different lyrics.

Death / Thrash Era 2002 - 2007:
Once Carlos was out of the picture, BD was left with just Ed as the sole member, this was the point that BD had turned to a more serious sound. The first song from this era was "Our Fighting Brothers", meaning, that since the original 2001 version it went through a little facelift. Also, this was the first time ever for Ed to take the role of lead vocalist. Ed went out to get himself some new mates and so he did. Nestor Sik Tejada and Dennis Lars Torrent. Together, the trio went to Ennihilate's studio room (another local band of the time) and recorded the original demo version of "Our Fighting Brothers" with Sam Qussous of Ennihilate on drums. It was a live recording and surprisingly good balanced audio, done on the 1st take. The demo was uploaded to mp3.com and received very positive reception as far as the new direction that BD was heading. It was official, this was the sound that BD was going to keep.

A drummer search now started and Dennis found a jazz drummer, Attila Bollok. He was new to the world of thrash and death metal but he was willing to work and learn, so he did. This line up ended up playing a few shows and landed BD their first club performance, opening for Nuclear Assault. It seemed that things were going to head up, the concept to record the "Choke Slam" EP was finished as well as the artwork for it's release. It was was going to be recorded by the band itself on a 4-track recorder just to keep things simple and cheap. Everyone was basically broke.

At some point in 2003 there was a situation regarding a show that Dennis wanted to book and Ed not wanting to do it because he felt that the band wasn't ready to play on stage because there wasn't any rehearsals going on for over a month. This resulted in Dennis, Sik & Attila all leaving BD the same time.

In 2004, Ed was introduced to Ralph Delellis for the Bass position. After the previous line up, there were a lot of auditions and jams, but nothing felt right with anyone who tried out. Ralph stepped in and everything clicked. The new duo became pretty close pretty fast and started to really throw gas on the tiny flame that was left. Afterwards, Mazzyko Oduim was discovered and this become what is known as the original BD line up since this was the lineup that got things really moving along. BD started to play more shows, recorded the "Choke Slam" EP and were hungry to get out and do more. Eventually Sik returned to the band for a limited time and left, then to fill in for him was Elaine Rodriguez.

In 2006, BD ready to record their first full length album and was set to release everything on a 3-way split record label. BD-R and 2 other undisclosed labels. "Shut Up & Kill Yourself" / "We Ain't Professionals EP" had begun recording tracks, once all the lead tracks were done, Ralph decided that this was no longer something he wanted to continue, just his personal choice and how he felt. So another set of delays started. Ed settled to record all the bass tracks himself just to keep things rolling. After all the bass tracks were done, Elaine then decided she wasn't going to continue doing the band anymore. So Ed had to finish the rest of the album himself. Maz stayed of course and he was able to track his drums. This put a huge delay in the album's process. The album was complete in 2007, 455 days since day 1 due to all the inconviences that went on.

George "Ghost" Saunders was the next bass player, he happened to be trained by Ralph, and to replace Elaine, BD hired Andrew Sinister. BD carried on with performing but now the band didn't have money for the album's release due to the fact that 3/4 of the band had no jobs. Eventually 1 of the 2 labels to help out lost interest and "Shut Up & Kill Yourself" never saw the light of day on it's CD version, however, "We Ain't Professionals" was released as 100CDs only, put out on BD-R alone.

Around the end of 2007, Andrew left the band because he was not interested in the direction the music was going in and was replaced by Steve Travesty, then George left. BD was now on sort of a hold for a year and a half since.

Dark Metal Era 2008 - Present:
Hector Hex T. contacted Ed through Myspace to see if he knew any bass players or drummers to start a new band and since BrainDead needed a Rhythm Guitar player, the position was offered. At this point Ed lost about 95% interest in keeping BD alive but when the audition took place, there was potential again. The concept for "Behind the Mask of Sanity" had been thought of since 2005 and the album was already written. So, what to do? Record the second album even though the first was still shelved up. The band took massive amounts of practice sessions over and over but things weren't going anywhere and money was being spent on many sessions at the studio. The problem was that Maz wasn't getting the songs down and going through a lot of personal issues. Ed had to make the difficult decision of letting Maz go to take care of his things, and like that, the right-hand man was gone. Steve also decided to leave for a short while but later returned, during his absence, Lorenzo Negroni took on bass duties. After Maz, Ramon Rojas became the new drummer. Steve then later returned to get on bass.

"Shut Up & Kill Yourself" was finally released in 2008, only in digital format, at this point, both labels were no longer interested and the cheapest thing to do was release it that way. But since there wasn't much going on for BD, it wasn't promoted much. Maybe some point in the future a CD version will be released.

2011 Ray decided that he wanted to leave BD for personal reasons. This put the band on another long hiatus, however, this was used to fix all the loose ends and get things straightened out with the second album and the band itself.

2012, Steve was asked to leave BD and was replaced by David Rodriguez on bass. Behind the Mask of Sanity is released, and the band is ready to go full force, no drummer has been found to fill in the void, but the only thing that's worse is to give up or get old and die. BD continued to play with pre-recorded drum tracks until a drummer is found.

October 2012, Alberto Quinones was found and now completes the line up of BrainDead as the new drummer.

Previous Members
Kennedy Kent Cruz - Drums (1998)
Carlos "The Punk" G. - Bass / Vocals (1998-2002)
David Diaz - Drums (2000)
Chrisitian Bustamante - R. Guitars / Vocals (2000)
Jay Sanders - Drums (2001)
Dennis Lars Torrent - Bass (2002-2003)
Nestor Sik Tejada - Guitars (2002-2003, 2005)
Attila Bollok - Drums (2002-2003)
Ralph Micheal Delellis - Bass / Backing Vocals (2004-2006)
Mazzyko Oduim - Drums (2004-2009)
Elaine M. Rodriguez - Guitars (2005-2006)
George "Ghost" Saunders - Bass (2006-2008)
Andrew "Sinister" E. - Guitars (2006-2007)
Steve "Travesty" P. - Bass / Backing Vocals (2007-2009, 2010-2012)
Lorenzo Negroni - Bass (2009)
Hector Hex T. - Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals (2008-2015, 2018-2019)
David Fuckin' R. - Bass / Backing Vocals (2012-2017, 2018-2019)